Sass Rogando Sasot wrote to me (Sam Winter) and others on 2nd September 2010 as follows:.

I've been alerted on Facebook by a waria friend of mine in Indonesia about warias being hunted down by the  PECALANG, village security guys, in a village in Bali called Seminyak

The last message she told me was the disturbing message she left on my FB wall on September 1:

"I left seminyak Bali by the morning, as we know that seminyak village is common with gay / ladyboy area but not anymore, we're hunted, punished, cut shorted our hair untill bold, humiliated fined harraesment whatever u name it, i heard 2 ladyboy bolded their hair :( tens of them catched i dont know what happen to them,... lucky me n my friend we're both on motorbike so we can runaway from them. i cannot stay here anymore must move!!!, hope the world know what's happen here now in Seminyak BALI, we're nothing but garbage the "PECALANG" said and they want to vanish us from Seminyak Bali, uughh i'm too tired now, hope tomorrow i can go out safely :("

Her name on FB is ****. I haven't spoken again with her, but this last message is making me worried about their safety there.

Note from Sam Winter: I have written to the complainant to ask if she wants me to post information about these events onto the TransgenderASIA website. She has told me she does.