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Asia: links to organisations, institutions, support groups etc
Asia: miscellaneous
Asia: links to information
Beyond Asia: all links
Asian TG personal pages


Asia: links to organisations, institutions, support groups etc (Country Alphabetical and then Asian)
Link Guilty until proven innocent - the harrowing plight of two transgender women.
By Meg Lewis. Published in Purple Sky Network (PSN) Newsletter Volume 5 (May-Aug 2010).
Link Full issue on Purple Sky Network (PSN) Newsletter Volume 5 (May-Aug 2010).
TransChina: Alliance of Chinese Transgenders - Contact Jian'gang Zhao at and
Hong Kong
Pink Alliance (Tongzhi Community Joint Meeting) - a broad umbrella LGBT group very much committed to trans rights
Link Gender Concerns Hong Kong - (see their Facebook page)
Link Transgender Resource Centre (TGR) - This group, active since around 2008, works to support transpeople, educate the general public and bring about social and legal changes in HK for transpeople.
Link TEAM-HK (Transgender Equality and Acceptance Movement) -This group, active since November 2002, works to support transpeople and to bring about social and legal changes in HK for transpeople.
Link Civil Rights for Sexual Diversities - Group focusing on education, monitoring and advocacy in Hong Kong.
FtM resources in India - a directory of resources on the Transguys site. (thanks Hua for this  information). 
Email SAMPOORNA is a Trans network of Indians across the Globe. [Trans = Transgender, Transsexual, Intersexual and Gender Variant]. The network keeps connected through an e-list. The Group meets monthly in Mumbai. Membership can be requested by writing to:
Link Sahodari Foundation - Activist organisation for transgender people, which aims to promote opportunities for transpeople. One if its initiatives is a marriage site for transpeople (
Link List of organisations dealing with trans-issues in India and the rest of the subcontinent (from the APCOM site)
Link Indian ladies room - Yahoo group (based in India) for MtF transgendered persons. (thanks to Fiona Kim)
Link LABRYS - Kyrgyz support group for sexual and gender minorities.
Link Trans-Net Japan (TS to TG wo Sasaeru Hitobito no Kai) - A Japanese language support organization for people with gender identity disorders, transsexuals and transgendered people. With thanks to Mark King for this information.
Link Chingusai - Korean support organisation. Site in English and Korean. Primarily for gays and lesbians, but support extended to transgendered people. 
Link Okama - Website for Korean transgenders living at home and abroad. Most of the material is in Korean.
Link PT Foundation - PT Foundation strives to be the most effective community-based organization providing information, education and care services relating to HIV/AIDS and sexuality in Malaysia, working with the 5 communities that are most affected by HIV in Malaysia. PT foundation serves a number of communities, including transpeople.
Cruiseaids: Crusade for HIV/AIDS, STI Prevention and Human Rights. Cruiseaids does a lot of work on behalf of transpeople. Contact person: Pinky Sanjub Gurung, at and
Link Blue Diamond Society - Organisation working (under difficult circumstances)  for sexual minority groups in Nepal
Link At Risk: Sex, HIV and the Community - By Huma Khawar. for Newsline on line news, 31st December 2010
Organization for the Protection and Propagation of Rights of Sexual Minorities (OPPRSM).
Contact person: Fakhra Hassan at email:
COLORS, The Coalition for the Liberation of the Reassigned Sex (COLORS) is the premier and first transgender organization in Cebu that aims to establish a united, strong, and empowered transgender community that nurtures to their well-being and welfare and rebuild a discrimination-free and equal society. See also a powerpoint presentation (Thanks Magdalena Robinson) 
STRAP - STRAP Society of Transsexual Women of the Philippines. STRAP is a Manila-based support, contact, & information group focused on the needs, issues, and concerns of transsexual women in the Philippines. It seeks to improve the public understanding of transsexualism and to encourage a helpful and supportive  community amongst Filipina women of transsexual experience.
Press Release
Sisters in Solidarity - SIS or “Sisters in Solidarity” is a public education campaign organised by a group of transgender women who have experienced social discrimination at some point in their lives.  SIS aims to end discrimination against transgender women, and empower them to live, work and play on an equal footing with their fellow Singaporeans. Contact: for more information
Link Singapore Butterfly - Online community for Singapore's trans community
Link Center for the Study of Sexualities at the National Central University of Taiwan - This is a very extensive resource, almost wholly Chinese language, and home to the transgender support group.


TG Butterfly Garden - The largest transgender group in Taiwan.
Link The Thai Transgender Alliance (Thai -TGA) - info in English / info in Thai
Pembe Hayat LGBTT (Pink Life) - Contact Kemal Ordek at or


Insanca Yasam Platformu - Platform for transwomen in Ankara, Turkey. Turkish language as at 8/8/06
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Asia: miscellaneous
Link International Transgender Buddhist Sangha -The International Transgender Buddhist Sangha is a network for transgender buddhist, transgenders who are interest in buddhism, transgender friendly buddhist and people who are interest in transgender and buddhism.


Legal environments, human rights and HIV responses among men who have sex with men and transgender people in Asia and the Pacific: An agenda for action. John Godwin, July 2010. APCOM and UNDP.
Link ILGA Asian pages - News and information about organisations and events, a substantial amount concerning Asian transpeople
Link ILGA TransSecretariat pages - News and information regarding trans issues,  much of it Asian in focus.
Link information on Asia - information pages with some information about trans issues in Asia (information listed country by country).
Link The Asia-Pacific Network of Sex Workers (APNSW) - APNSW provides a voice for sex workers throughout the region, and does a substantial amount of work with transgender sex workers, many of whom are involved in sex work throughout the region.


The Asia-Pacific Transgender Network (APTN) - formed December 2009. The mission of APTN is to enable transgender women in the Asia Pacific region to organise and advocate to improve their health, protect their human rights, and enhance their social well-being and the quality of their lives.   The network start-up is supported by the 7 Sisters Coalition of Asia Pacific Regional Networks on HIV/AIDS, Asia Pacific Coalition on Male Sexual Health (APCOM), and Asia Pacific Network of Sex Workers (APNSW). for more information contact Ms Sitthiphan (Hua) Boonyapisomparn, APTN Coordinator, at or +6626120365
Link Asia-Pacific Coalition on Male Sexual Health (APCOM). an extensive website, with a particularly useful resource library page with various items covering transgender in whole or part.  Among valuable documents recently issued by and with the support of APCOM please see the July 2008 report on 'Mapping Transgender Groups, Organisations and Networks in South Asia'

Coalition of Asia-Pacific Regional Networks on HIV/AIDS - a coalition of the 'seven sister' organisations, some of whom are heavily involved in work with transpeople. See Coalition website for links to information about individual participating organisations. 

  • AIDS Society of Asia Pacific (ASAP),
  • Asia Pacific Council of AIDS Service Organizations (APCASO),
  • Asia Pacific Network of Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals and Transgender, Asia Pacific Rainbow (APR)
  • Asia Pacific Network of People Living with HIV/AIDS (APN+),
  • Asia Pacific Network of Sex Workers (APNSW),
  • Asian Harm Reduction Network (AHRN),
  • Coordination of Action Research on AIDS and Mobility in Asia (CARAM-Asia).
Link South Asia Human Rights Documentation Centre - SAHRDC collects information on human rights, specifically on violations of civil and political rights. The subject areas of its holdings are: human rights education; arrest, detention and disappearances; refugees and asylum; torture, capital punishment and other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment; freedom of the media; custodial deaths; and extrajudicial killings. All  information is either in English or translated into English from other languages.
Link The Southeast Asian Consortium on Gender, Sexuality, and Health - Based at the Contre for Health Policy Studies at Mahidol University, Thailand. Mission to enhance knowledge, build capacity, and promote understanding in the field of gender, sexuality and health in Southeast Asia and China
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Asia: links to information
Link Collected information about the eunuchs of India known as the hijra


Outrage - An English language magazine covering matters of concern to the Philippines LGBT community. A number of articles concerning trans issues, for example the following 2009 articles:
                Boy, (Un)Interrupted. Sass Rogando Sasot tells the story of a transpinoy, a Filipino transman.

Link Transsexuals and Thai Law, an 11th April 2008 article by Jason Armbrecht in the Thai Law Forum.
English translation of the Thai Medical Council regulations concerning ethics in the medical profession in regard to treatment in sex change operations (Link1). Published 20th April 2009. English translation dated 24th September 2009. See also the Thai Medical Council guidelines for doctors working with transgender persons (Link2). Published 5th June 2009. The regulations and guidelines  (the latter actually being instructions to Thai Medical Council members) came into force in November 2009, and bring Thailand (for good or bad) more closely in line with Western WPATH-SOC-informed  practiceBoth English translations © Chaninat & Leeds Co., Ltd.
Link The Transgender Health Handbook - A health resource (currently in English) for transwomen in Asia. Produced in 2010 by APNSW (Asia-Pacific Network of Sex Workers) with funding from amFAR (the Foundation for AIDS Research). Superbly comprehensive advice in plain English. 
Link The story of Mookie - An article about an ethnic Chinese transman transitioning in North America. Accompanied by an amazing video detailing her transition.
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Beyond Asia: all links
Link Center for Excellence in Transgender Health. this highly well-respected centre, which has a very extensive website, has a particularly useful page on primary health care for transpeople.


Academic Transgender Studies website - Walter Williams' website, examining gender variance in non-Western societies. A collection of lecture video-recordings and short essays, book reviews and short essays (apparently including those of students).
Link Transgender Health and HIV - A report published on website of The Body, 'the complete HIV/AIDS resource', and dealing with trans health issues in a generally clear and non-technical fashion. Usefulness extends beyond HIV/AIDS related issues. 
Link TransGender Europe report on murders of transgender persons worldwide in the period January 2008 to June 2009. Extremely disturbing report, detailing over 200 murders, including some in Asia.
Link WPATH - World Professional Association for Transgender Health. (formerly the Harry Benjamin International Gender Dysphoria Association). Publishes the highly influential 'Standards of Care' which guide transgender health care providers worldwide, including across Asia.
Link WAS - (World Association of Sexual Health). Promotes sexology and sexological knowledge worldwide (formerly the  World Association of Sexology).


Human Rights Watch - Important news about rights issues, including as regards sexual and gender minorities.
Link CentreLGS - CentreLGS is a critical, interdisciplinary, international research centre, advancing research and scholarship that is theoretically informed and policy relevant. It involves a grouping of  three UK Universities (Kent, Keele and Westminster), though its Centre is at the University of Kent.  The intellectual heart of the Centre is the relationship between gender and sexuality, on the one hand, and law, governance and normativity, on the other. Contact Sarah Slowe at
Link Best places to work - From the Human Rights Campaign website, a list of companies which have proactive sexual and gender minority policies. HRC recognizes these Best Places to Work for GLBT Equality as companies that have made a commitment to end discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity in the workplace.  Many of these companies are international, and have a presence in Asia.
Link GID Journal - GID Journal is a new international journal for research into 'gender identity disorder', published in pdf format out of Brazil. While the name will be contentious to all those who feel that transgender is a difference rather than a disorder, we are happy to place this link, feeling that a new journal in this area has the potential to be an important step forward. 
Link The Gender Trust - UK Charity Helping with Gender Issues. 
Link Growing up sexually. Volume I (World Reference Atlas) - Web publication produced by D.F. Janssen (2002-2003)
Link Growing up sexually. Volume II (The Sexual Curriculum: the manufacture and performance of pre-adult sexualities). Web publication produced by D.F. Janssen (2002-2003)
Link Lynn Conway's website - a highly developed and informative website on trans issues worldwide. An important source of up-to-date information about news and current affairs involving transpeople worldwide, including in Asia. Content in English. Chinese. Turkish. Russian. Filipino. ArabicHebrew.  Of more general material, the following page stands out: How Frequently Does Transsexualism Occur?    A  piece of investigative work which demonstrates convincingly that the prevalence of SRS in the USA (and probably elsewhere) is much higher than the figures quoted by DSM-IV, drawn from Europe, for those 'seeking SRS'. Lynn's figures bring American post-op prevalence more closely into line with figures for transgender (with or without SRS) in Asia.
Link Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality (SSSS) - International organisation dedicated to the advancement of knowledge about sexuality. 
Link Electronic Journal of Human Sexuality - Published by the Institute for the Advanced Study of Human Sexuality. 
Link IFGE - International Foundation for Gender Education. US based. Extensive and informative. 
Link GIRES - The Gender Identity Research and Education Society. UK based. Extensive and informative.
Link IASSCS - International Association for the Study of Sexuality, Culture and Society.
Link Intersections: Gender, History and Culture in the Asian Context. Journal with occasional articles on transgender.
Link German Society for Social Scientific Sex Research - Large archive section leading to, among other things, an International Encyclopedia of Sexuality, a glossary of sexology, a 'Critical Dictionary of Sexology', WHO reports on sexual health etc. Separate access to these materials through this link.
Link ICTLEP 'Standards of Care' - Standards adopted at the 2nd International Conference on Transgender Law and Employment Policy, August 1993, Houston, USA
Link Press for Change - A political lobbying and educational organisation which campaigns to achieve equal civil rights and liberties for all transgender people in the United Kingdom through legislation and social change. A very useful library section.
Link Integrating Transsexual and Transgendered People. An important section of the 'Press for Change' website, containing a summary of a survey of rights for TG persons across a  large number of countries, including some in Asia. The questionnaire employed is also displayed. 
Link Universal Declaration of Human Rights - Adopted and proclaimed by the U.N. General Assembly in Resolution 217A (III) on December 10th 1948. 
Link International Bill of Gender Rights
Link International Lesbian and Gay Association - International organisation fighting for equal rights for, among others, transgendered persons. Extensive and highly informative website.  Their world legal survey is particularly valuable.
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Asian TG personal pages
These sites are carefully selected. In all of them Asian TGs provide information on themselves and the lives they lead, using the English language to do so. Unfortunately, personal websites do not typically have the longevity of others. At any one time expect around half of the links to be dead. I leave them on this site for a while, hoping that they may start up again. Sometimes they do.
Link Sass Sasot - An extensive website with its own e-zine.
Link Sheelako
Link Amy
Link Aya Kamikawa was elected to the Setagaya Ward council post on April 28th, 2003 with 5024 votes. 52 seats were available to 72 candidates and Aya was number 6 in the number of votes. Born male in 1968, and still legally male in Japan, Aya completed university and entered society as a male. She began hormone treatment in 1995. The website is in Japanese. At time of posting it carries an announcement from Ms Kamikawa. (thanks to Elisha Cook and Izumi King for bringing this site to our attention and providing this basic information about Ms Kamikawa).
Link Yuri is resident in Japan. 
Link Ms - 'blog of a Singapore transgender'
Link Leona Lo - a particularly extensive website.
Link Pupe
Link Natta
Link Toy
Link Nungning


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