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Transprejudice in Asia (assaults on life, health, dignity and equality).

IMPORTANT NOTE: For information on murders of Asian transpeople see the TGEU Murder Monitoring Project, part of a larger Transrespect versus Transphobia project. A major contender for riskiest place in Asia to be murdered if you are trans? Turkey and the Philippines  

A transsexual student at the University of the Philippines (UP) in Diliman, Quezon City has complained against a professor for allegedly acting with religious prejudice toward the coed's identity. This account by Ging Cristobal. See also an account by Sass Sasot which includes the woman's own account. Ladlad Partylist denounces the professor's actions. A statement by UP (University of the Philippines) Babaylan.  (all uploaded somewhat belatedly on 13/5/11)

Transwomen refused entry to a live-music bar in Hong Kong on 27/10/10 (uploaded 19/11/10)

The case of 'W', a Hong Kong transwoman who wants to marry her boyfriend (click to be taken to a range of documents connected with the case) (uploaded 24/10/10 and after)

Pursuit, assault and humiliation of transwomen in Bali

Gang rape of transwoman in Vietnam, but perpetrators will not be prosecuted

    Violence against transpeople (and gays and lesbians) in Mongolia (including videos). See also an autobiographical account by Enkhrimaa (a transwoman featured in the videos) covering her life up to and including the distressing events that drove her to flee her country. Enkhriimaa and a friend who was also a victim of violence made their way to another place (unspecified here), claimed and obtained refugees status, and have now been resettled in the Netherlands, where they are finally safe. (uploaded 28/10/10).

Clarke Quay: Accusations of discrimination in Singapore

 AyalaLand: Accusations of discrimination in Manila,

Ruffians from FPI, an Indonesian Islamist Group, disrupt a transgender-rights related event in Depok, April 2010. (This is one of a series of such incidents in which the FPI seeking to disrupt LGBT events).

Fighting against demeaning media portrayals in Malaysia. Information  at ILGHRC, and Protection Online

Transprejudice worldwide

'Reclaiming the Wronged Body' Sass Rogando Sasot's speech at the University of the Philippines on 6th October 2010

Updated figures from the TGEU (Transgender Europe) Trans respect versus Transphobia project (courtesy of Carla LaGata). For updates see TGEU murder monitoring project page.

SASS ROGANDO-SASOT'S SPEECH AT THE UNITED NATIONS (10th December 2009)       YouTube video link (Total viewing time = 10mins 47 secs)            Transcript

An highly eloquent and moving affirmation of the right to gender variance,  and a denunciation of the prejudice, discrimination, harassment and violence which gender variant persons suffer worldwide. Delivered, at the United Nations in New York, by a leading activist transpinay (a Filipina woman of transgender experience).



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